Oui to Speed: Canada Welcomes the Speedy Formula 1

Formula 1 Grand Prix Heineken Du Canada 2018

It’s been two months since the world saw any Formula 1 updates from us, but the fun now continues!

The Formula 1 season continues to gain speed as the more interesting tracks edge closer. Fans will be looking forward to how the world’s fastest drivers will be able to speed through the unique challenges of each race track.

One of the more interesting tracks in the calendar is the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. The combination of straights and chicanes make for an interesting track, and an interesting track is all we need to make the Driver Championships and the season a lot more interesting!

There is a lot to talk about in this race because this could be the track that will change the landscape of the season for Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull.

Talking Points

The biggest conversation starter among Formula 1 fans that talk about the Canadian Grand Prix is the delayed engine upgrade that was supposed to happen for Mercedes.

Ferrari and Red Bull have both made engine upgrades in time for Montreal, meaning that Daniel Ricciardo’s already-impressive run at Monaco is only bound to get faster. This becomes a lot more problematic when the nature of the track is heavily considered. The somewhat narrow track is full of long straights and chicanes that require power to make the most of the exits.

With that being said, the fact that Mercedes have postponed the rollout of the new engine worries Hamilton to the point that he thinks that he is facing a difficult weekend ahead.

“If the others are bringing upgrades and have fresh engines, we won’t be in a position to fight,” said Hamilton.

“It is a power circuit. There is power loss over the life of an engine. All I am hoping for is reliability. If I am on the seventh race, with a power difficult circuit, I just want to see it through.”

Ferrari are doing fantastically well on the straights and Red Bull are steadily catching up to the two leaders in terms of results. Given the structure of the race, it will be understandably hard to Mercedes to try and keep the lead on the constructor and driver standing.

However, Red Bull’s Ricciardo still believes that everyone is still chasing the back of the German carmaker. Given how attuned Hamilton is to the track, it wouldn’t be surprising for the Australian to see Hamilton at the top once again.

“I think Mercedes are going to be quick tomorrow for sure,” he told Sky Sports in an interview. “I’d say they’re the ones to beat at the moment.”

In other news, McLaren driver Fernando Alonso continues to expand his legacy as he becomes the fourth Formula 1 driver to compete in 300 race weekends. It is still unclear as to whether the Spaniard will call it a day after this season is over, but the Spaniard is just proud of what he’s achieved with his career so far.

Sports betting experts believe that Fernando Alonso can win the Canadian GP

Fernando Alonso prepares for his 300th career race ahead of the Canadian GP

“I am one of the best to have faced in F1,” Alonso said proudly. “I am probably not fastest in qualifying, or the wet, but I am 9.5 in all areas. I will try to benefit from that.”

Alonso has won 32 grand prix victories and two world titles, a career that anyone would be proud of. Should the Spaniard decide to hang his gloves by the door at the end of the season, the F1 will say farewell to a fantastic driver that gave them some of the most memorable moments in the sport.


Hamilton is the obvious favourite among the us motorsport experts after winning five of the last eight races last year. He is one victory away from matching Michael Schumacher’s record of seven wins in the track.

Ferrari and McLaren are still tied at the top of the tally for most wins on the track. While Sebastian Vettel isn’t confident that they will emerge victorious on this track, their prior experience in Canada offers a lot of encouraging signs towards the German.

If we look at the way the season has been set up, there is a good chance for Vettel, Hamilton and Ricciardo to win the race. The three drivers have been performing well as the lead drivers of their respective teams. While everything still hinges on where they will end up after qualifying, the three drivers will definitely make quick work of the pack and duke it out for the title.

What are the Odds?

Hamilton receives the best outright odds of 2.00 as he is the master of the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. Vettel is not a far second with 2.50, and Max Verstappen is third-favourite with his 6.50. I think Daniel Ricciardo is worth a punt with his 11.00 outright odds if you think the Aussie is not done surprising fans.

Betting websites believe that Daniel Ricciardo can make it back-to-back podium finishes

Daniel Ricciardo celebrates his win in the Monaco Grand Prix

When it comes to the Top 3 Drivers Market, it’s best to put your money on Ricciardo and Kimi Raikkonen, both at 2.50. The two have performed well this season and it won’t be surprising to find either of them in the Top 3. Valtteri Bottas (2.50) is also worth a shout.

Disclaimer: Odds are correct at time of publish.




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